PTE Test Format

Part 1 Speaking and writing.

Speaking for a purpose (to repeat, to inform, to explain); reading a text aloud; speaking at a natural rate and fluent speech; using correct intonation and pronunciation; using correct stress, and speaking under timed conditions.

Part 2 Reading.

Identifying the topic, theme or main ideas; identifying the relationships between sentences and paragraphs; evaluating the quality and usefulness of texts. Formats: Re-ordering, Multi-choice, Fill-in-blanks.

Part 3 Listening

Identifying the topic, theme or main ideas; summarizing the main idea; identifying supporting points or examples; identifying a speaker’s purpose, style, tone or attitude; understanding academic vocabulary; inferring the meaning of unfamiliar words. Format: Highlight correct summary, Multi-choice, Fill-in-blanks, Select missing words, Write from dictation.

PTE Results Format

PTE Results Format

The overall score is based on the student’s performance for all test items  – being all the instructions, questions or prompts, answer opportunities and scoring rules.

Each test taker attempts between 70 to 91 items in a test, with twenty item types. For each item, the given score contributes to the overall score which ranges from 10 to 90 points.

PTE Study benchmarks

Australia: PTE Academic for temporary graduate, skilled migration applications, and Student visas to Australia.

New Zealand: PTE Academic qualification for all New Zealand universities, Private Training, NZ Institutes of Technology, Polytechnics, and Skilled Migration.

United Kingdom: PTE Academic Requirements
Below degree level: A score of at least 36 is required for UKBA tier 4 student visas.
At or above degree level: A score of at least 51 is required for UKBA tier 4 student visas for students at an institution that is not a UK Higher Education Institution.
If students wish to study at degree level or above at a UK Higher Education Institution, then it is the university that decides on the score required. Most universities require:
i) for undergraduate studies a minimum score between 51 and 61
ii) for postgraduate studies a minimum score between 57 and 67
iii) for MBA studies a minimum score between 59 and 69


English Tests with Study Life measure your English equivalence against the Global Scale of English (GSE).

The GSE is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages for a validated, recognised English ability.

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