OET tests

OET Test Format


The speaking section is an individual interview that takes around 20 minutes. It is a professional conversation specific to your occupation.

In each interview, your identity and profession is checked by the interviewer and there is a short warm up conversation about your professional background.

Then the role-plays are introduced, one by one, and you have 2 -3 minutes to prepare for each. The two role-plays take about 5 minutes each.

Total Time: 20 minutes


Part A- Summary reading task on a Health or medical related topic. Skimming 3-4 short texts with 25-35 missing words to complete (15 minutes)

 Part B- Read two passages on general medical topics with a total of 16- 20 multiple choice questions (45 minutes)

 Total Time: 60 minutes


It has one writing task. It is occupation specific.

 You take this part of the OET using materials specifically for your profession. Students are required to write a letter of referral.

 Total Time: 45 minutes          Total words in 1 hour= 180-230 words


Part A is a recorded consultation between a medical practitioner and a patient (dialogue). You are required to listen to the recording in sections and take notes under the heading given to you.

Part B is a talk or lecture on a medical field or issue (a monologue). There is a variety of questions types, e.g. note taking and sentence, table completion, true and false questions and multiple choice questions

 Total Time: 50 minutes

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